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If you would like access to our database of live quotes, please contact Jake Rappaport
at 800-541-1977.

International Trading

INTL FCStone Securities Inc. has been a leading market maker in OTC ADRs and Foreign Ordinaries for over ten years. We are proud to provide its customers with the highest level of service and execution in over 20 countries around the globe, twenty four hours a day. Our proprietary systems are unparalleled in helping our customers save time, energy and provide clarity in a complex marketplace. Through Price Clarity and Price Confidence reports our customers can be confident their orders are being executed at the best possible price. Our unsurpassed commitment to customer service, coupled with our close attention to speed, accuracy, and execution quality have been the cornerstone of our success.

OTC Preferred

INTL FCStone Securities Inc. specializes in trading Pink Sheet and unlisted Preferred Securities. We carry an updated database of hundreds of less liquid preferred securities and specialize in executing these shares with low market impact. Price Clarity and Price Confidence is also available for this securities group.

Institutional Trading

INTL FCStone Securities Inc. utilizes its unique market capabilities in order to better serve the complex needs of institutional clients. Our service model is twofold: We provide superior execution quality for any size order, and ease of settlement for even the most complicated situations.

  • Execution As a leading market maker in OTC ADRs and foreign ordinaries, we find liquidity and/or provide capital liquidity for our customers. Alternatively we will work with complete anonymity in the US and local marketplace. For any execution that must be converted, we will work with the depository banks to provide the best possible rates. INTL also has the capability to connect with institutional clients via FIX.

  • Settlement INTL provides the same exceptional client service post-trade as during the execution process. For institutional trades we can confirm with clients on Oasys, Oasys Global, or through fax confirmation. directed brokerage arrangements, INTL can seamlessly step-out trades to one or multiple broker-dealers.

Jake Rappaport
Head of Equity Capital Markets, Equities

Ryan Kwiatkowski
Broker Dealer Sales

Anthony Mariniello
Institutional Sales

INTL FCStone Securities Inc. is a FINRA ( and MSRB ( member broker/dealer. INTL FCStone Securities Inc. is also a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) (

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